Write Your Own Fate. (Framed Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas)

Write Your Own Fate. (Framed Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas)

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About the Art

"Write (or Right) Your Own Fate" is meant to convey how writing can help people sort out some of their most difficult thoughts. Also, books and the words of others can help bring clarity when your own words might not be able to. This is a constant reminder that whether you turn to your own words or the words of others, you are in charge of your future and fate.


About the Framed Canvas

The canvas is 100% cotton with a high quality print. Each frame is solid and walnut colored wood in appearance. The frame is made of plastic for long lasting durability. The frame supports the canvas to prevent deformaties over time and to keep the canvas flat and well-framed. Please know that these pieces are meant for indoor use only. The frame and canvas are 1.25 inches deep and the framed piece is 5 x 7 inches.