Smart & Strong Meditation Set
  • Smart & Strong Meditation Set

    Smart & Strong Meditation Set: The set includes a handpainted wooden tray that shimmers with blue and purple tones. The tray and four high-quality crystal tumbles are a tool for meditation and intention setting. The tray can be used for crystals, jewelry, hair accessories, whatever you want. No matter what it holds, the tray will always serve as a reminder that you are smart and you are strong. The crystals can be used during your meditation practice by holding the stones in your hands and using affirmations for intention setting. The types of crystals and corresponding affirmations are below and will be included in a hand written note with your purchase for your later reference and use. 


    Crystal Set and Affirmations:

    * Tiger's Eye: I am powerful and worthy.

    *Obsidian: I am empowered and protected.

    *Clear Quartz: I am strong and balanced.

    *Fluorite: I am confident and focused.


    Tray Dimensions: approximately 6 in. x 6 in (length and width), and 3/4 inches (deep)


    Materials: wood, acrylic paint, natural crystals