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The MidCity Menagerie LLC | A Creative Journey

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Welcome to the MidCity Menagerie! The shop you see before you is the product of a dream, passion, and creativity.  In this shop you will find everything from digital, acrylic, or mixed media art, to collages made from recycled Mardi Gras beads, to hand-painted ceramics, and, on occasion, even some jewelry. Due to the wide array of mediums and the various creative processes showcased in this shop, there could be no other name for it than The MidCity Menagerie. 

This one woman show is run by Krystal Norton. Though born in New Jersey, Krystal (AKA Nort) has resided in New Orleans for more than ten years. That makes it official y'all, I am a New Orleans girl through and through now! I have a true love for the city and of proud of the city's culture and residents. 

Although in no way an officially trained artist, I have a love for color and experimenting creatively. After some time of being told that I should share my love for these things with the world, I have finally done it! 

I am so grateful for my friends and family who have supported me on this journey and who continue to love and support me today. Part of this project involves wanting to give back to them and create things that they can enjoy and be proud of. 

Please know that The MidCity Menagerie has four mascots, though one tends to be the most willing to be photographed. My four four-legged fur babies, Deuce, Boudin, Luna, and Dobby are featured throughout the MidCity Menagerie. This is a place for animal lovers! 

My hope is that this journey brings a love for art in any form to the people I care about and to the people I meet along the way. I am happy to have you here with me! Welcome to the Menagerie fam!

Meet The  Menagerie Mascots

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